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Insta-Fix - Adhesive & Filler

Automotive Repair Adhesive & Filler

Rubber, Plastic, Metal, Glass etc.

Professional Strength

Repair, rather than Replace

Save money, Save time, Provide better Service


  • The Most Extraordinary Adhesive and Filler System ever made!
  • Repairs Almost Everything Instantly!
  • Insta-Fix Adhesive bonds virtually any type of material in seconds: plastic, porcelain, tile, rubber, cast iron, wood, copper, vinyl, steel, glass, even leather. Not only that, it bonds these different materials to each other!
  • Instantly! – No Waiting!
  • Insta-Fix Filler can be added to repair holes and cracks in virtually all materials. For those “impossible” repairs it fills in the gaps and replaces missing material from the damaged item.
  • See video & instruction sheet

Types of Repairs:

  • Repairs plumbing leaks in copper, metal, flex and plastic. Joins copper to plastic to metal to flex – any combination.
  • Repairs pool liners and cracks or holes in pumps and pipes.
  • Repairs pool covers.
  • Repairs rubber O-rings, power belts, hoses, and gas lines.
  • Repairs furniture, wood floors, antiques
  • Stainable and paintable.
  • Repairs broken tile and porcelain.
  • Repairs surface cracks in almost everything.
  • Perfectly clear for repairing glass.
  • Repairs brackets, mirrors, bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
  • Ideal as a nut-locking adhesive.

Features & Benefits:

  • Will not dry out in the bottle like other adhesives
  • Non toxic and non hazardous
  • Performs from -30F to 300F
  • Tests to 2700 PSI
  • Perfectly clear
  • Stainable and paintable
  • Sandable
  • Drillable
  • Threadable

Demonstration Videos:

Other Info:

How to Order:

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Sample Repairs (More details on the video):


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