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Greaseable Stainless Steel - Door Hinge Pin and Bushing Kit

  • 1996 - 2006 GMC Savanna Van
  • 1996 2006 Chevrolet Express Van
  • Replaces Part # 31028283

Step-by-Step Repair Procedure
(Click on picture to see larger view)
Theses hinges were so badly seized that the owner damaged the door catch "reefing" on the door.
Make sure you protect the paint by putting a couple of layers of duct tape on door before beginning this procedure.
Notice that top pin is mounted downward and bottom pin upwards.
Using an air hammer to release pins from corrosion.
Bottom pin free.
Notice the corroded area on the pin. This is where it was seized in place. The top pin was worse.
Undo door check in order to remove door.
Using an air chisel remove the pin after the air hammer has moved it about 1/4".
Pin almost free.
Remove old bushings.
Use 1/2" carbide drill and carbide bit.
The bevel on the top side of each hinge acts a guide for drilling.
Using a variable speed drill and keeping the bit straight are the keys to a good final product.
Use lots of penetrating fluid during this procedure.
Install new bushings.
Tap the bushings into place. Make sure the bushings seat flat.
Ooops. If the pin is seized badly this could be the result of removing the pin. A small fracture on the hinge gave way before the pin released.
This shows the damage created by the fracture in the hinge breaking away the eyelet.
Lay the door on a cushioned surface.
Preparing to mark hinge position for installation of new quick replacement hinge.
Use a straight edge to mark the hinge position in relation to the door and the adjacent hinge.
Lines drawn for cutting of hinge. Notice that the cut line is just behind the bend.
Use a pneumatic saw to perform the cutting.
Slow and straight make for an easier replacement.
Hinge removed.
Grind the paint away from the hinge to make area for welding.
Line the hinge up with the marks made earlier.
Verifying the positioning.
Preparing to tack new hinge in place.
Verifying once again before testing with tacks in place.
Mig welding tacks. One top/bottom, two on end.
Top pin in place.
Top pin in place.
New bottom pin and replacement hinge in place.
Checking body lines.
New hinge in place. (inside view)
Mig welds.
Grease fitting installed.
Bottom grease fitting installed.
Putting grease into the new hinge.
Lubricant oozing from new hinge pin.
Lubricating the bottom hinge.
Excess lubcicant should be wiped away.
A little touch up with a spray bomb and your done.
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